Beard styles for stylish & attractive man

Thick and well-grown beards are actually a sign of masculinity. Researchers have found that most women admire the well groomed man who grows a slightly stubbly beard. Most men feel that stubble is the way to win a woman’s heart. When you are at a younger age, you might see your father trimming his beard. As you grow older it’s now your time to trim your beard. So from the past to the present, trendy beard styles play an imperative role among men and enable them to show their attractive manliness. If you want to shape your beard, pick out the best shapes from recent trendy beard styles and feel free to grow yourself a smart and young forever look.

Get the Beard Styles Look That She Likes Best

10 beard styles for 2016:

Of the 2016 beard styles, most modern gentleman wonder about the latest beard styles and stick to few selected preferred styles, which suit their face shape. Here we provide you with 10 incredible facial hair styles and you may be inspired by these trendy styles.

#1: Medium hair and beard style:

Here the beard is thick with a medium flow. Nothing looks better than a medium flow and a dense thick beard. Depending on the natural shape of your face, you can go with this beard style.

#2: Long hair and beard:

Both of these go together like a combination of peanut butter and jelly, and you should take care to maintain both hair and beard.

#3: Topknot and beard:

Most of the male celebrities would love to have this top knot style as it’s an ideal style for the modern man. A man having a solid head of hair without a beard looks just out of place. So for those men, the beard is most important.

#4: Man-bun and beard:

It’s quite good and looks like a combinationA man-bun with a beard is the advanced style of a beard with a topknot and it is familiar with the people who are from down south.

#5 the thick beard, only men gifted with solid genetics may have this type of thick beard, for those this style of beard suits well and looks great too.

#6th style: the smart business beard, for those who need to enhance their business look, this style will suit them indeed. While adapting this style, business professionals will really look amazing in their modern pressed suits.

#7th style: The hipster style, this beard style currently in fashion with the trendy young gentlemen who dress in op-shop clothing and listen to music so underground it’s ironic.

#8th the seasonal beard style depends on the season, most often focusing on a winter beard, as it fashionable year round. While maintaining this style can be challenging, it does keep your face warm.

#9th the tattoos and beard, nothing says inked fashion like a tattoo, and beards and tattoos always go well but not the least the catches by stubbletogether, the bad boy look never goes out of fashion.

#10th style: Last but not the least the catches by stubble, not every dude wants to rock a full beard, but are content rocking some stubble. It’s a manly look and instills confidence. Men with stubble can come across as tough, mature, aggressive, and dominant.

Before growing your beard or following any of the above styles, there are several factors you should follow. Basically, by following the below beard styles you can initiate your manliness and attractiveness.

Benefits of having a stylish beard and beard growing tips:

Though every person has their own spirit, personality, and overall style, the beard is something charming and special. Here we present you the best tips for the preferable methods in styling their beard,

  • It makes men more masculine, eminent and intellectual. As it intends to create a healthy and natural look!
  • It naturally creates the tough guy look, older and wiser with exciting confidence. A bearded man is perceived to have a strong, matured look that no one messes with.
  • A man with a groomed beard style seems to be approachable. So he can absolutely feel more confident.
  • The beard shows the ability of the man and of that how he takes care of himself.
  • By growing a beard, it defines you as a man and saves you from buying razors and saves you time from shaving.
  • Beards are quite creative so people tend to use various types of admiring styles to promote that confident level.
  • The beard acts as an extra layer of a cushion on a mans face while sleeping.
  • Protects from skin cancer when being out side in the hot sun all day.
  • Minimize the cause of asthma and allergy from dust born symptoms.

The beard helps him to keep warm in winter while the temperature changes. It’s all due to A man with better beard style is good to date with his beloved onesthese benefits, that people are more conscious of the beard and prefer to spend time to grow their beard in a healthy way.

A man with a better beard style is a man that takes pride in his appearance:

The natural secret of having a stylish beard will lessen the signs of aging and lessen the defects of sun exposure.

Sexy look:

A well groomed beard on a man looks sexy and manly, often quite pleasing to the opposite sex. On the other side it hides acne and scares. The face of a man can be defined by the beard he chooses to grow and the grooming styles he prefers to tailor to suit his style.

Act as a better partner:

Women are more conscious about their sexual satisfactions, for that reason the beard plays as a multi talented tool. The beard acts as a distinctive benefit while pleasing a They are more patient and understandingwoman!

They are more patient and understanding:

For growing the beard itself needs patience and understanding, so it shows a man as a cool, calm, collected and calculating individual. Confident and adapt at decision making. Keeping an admirable beard requires a lot of grooming, styling, and patience, so they are molded as likely to be well suited.


On growing the best beard style it depends on yourself and if you lead an active and adventurous lifestyle, and if you stick to outdoor sports camping, fishing, and hunting, and the style of groomed beard which best suits your lifestyle.

Bottom line:

The beard styles are not only crazy & hot, but the real fact is that if it’s good for you generally. In addition, facial hair when well groomed can compliment your over all style.