How to start growing a beard? Answering this question is easier but grooming the beloved shape and style, as well as maintaining it is somewhat a complex task. Therefore, more and more men who would like to grow a beard, will find the following tips on how to grow a beard if you can’t quite helpful.

However, the simple answer to the question is ‘stop shaving’. Yes, without trimming or shaving your facial hair, you can grow a simple, yet well-grown beard. But, the simple fact of the matter is shaping and maintaining a good looking beard can be difficult.

6 tips on how to grow a beard if you can’t:

You won’t have any problems with growing a beard even if you’re a novice, but the magic occurs during shaping, trimming and daily maintenance of your beard. People who already tried to grow a handsome beard should meet the above-stated issues right! Okay, lets get started as I present this article to people coming from both levels: expert and with little experience.

Why Some Men Can't Grow Beards

In this article, I will give you the best tips on how to grow a beard if you can’t; this will help you to achieve the desired style without worrying about any failures.

Tips to grow a beard:

  • First of all, you need to stop your regular shaving and trimming of facial hair. Once you have decided to maintain a beard, start to grow it out at least an inch. Now you will be able to grow any kind of style you like.
  • While growing your beard, you will at the start carry an ugly and unpleasing look. Your family members and friends may start to discourage you, by commenting about your beard. But, don’t stop what ever you do. This is the reason why many people begin beard shaping within 2 or 3 weeks of starting to grow a beard.
  • You have to make yourself committed to this long term and always try not to care about what other people think of your beard.
  • While shaping your beard, you need to consider 2 important things, which is your natural neckline and cheek line.

Neckline:  If you want the bottom of your facial hair to extend your jaw line, then use two fingers to place against the bottom of the jaw bone, as a guide to where you need to stop shaving your beard.

Cheek line: If you want a smooth cheek line, than simply leave the facial hair growing up to that point and shave all growth below it.

  • Likewise, you need to focus on two things when it comes to maintaining your beard.

Beard trimmer: In order to maintain a stylish shaped beard, you need to buy a beard trimmer, which helps you to remove wild facial hairs. Various beard trimmer settings can be adjusted to assist you when it comes to controlling the length of your beard.

In order to maintain a shaped beard

Beard comb: While trimming your beard to maintain its shape, it’s better to use a comb on the side to accomplish this. A small and short toothed comb will help you as you trim your beard.

I hope after reading the above-mentioned tips, you will have a better idea when it comes to growing your beard in a more structured manner.